Unfortunately, the death of a loved one can often lead to fighting between the heirs of the estate due to a concern that individual rights may not be protected. Often, a simple solution to these types of issues is transparency throughout the succession or probate process. Communication throughout each phase of the succession process can build trust between the heirs and appointed succession representative. Full transparency can alleviate existing concerns and eliminate the possibility of litigation related to the succession, saving you both time and money.


Taking steps such as providing interested parties with a copy of the last will and testament, providing information regarding all estate assets and their true values, and clearly communicating any anticipated delays in closing the succession or probate will make the succession process as efficient and cost effective as possible.


In the event your loved one passed away leaving no last will and testament, the consent of all of their heirs will be required for administration of the estate independently, which also saves time and money. For more information about independent administration, click here. Being open and honest about the status of the estate and its assets builds trust which can make it more likely to obtain any consents necessary for the independent administration of your loved one’s estate.