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Victims of domestic violence often feel overwhelmed when seeking legal assistance. Domestic violence law can be confusing, but The Rhodes Law Firm LLC will provide clarity. We advocate for domestic violence victims in New Orleans, LA and surrounding areas.

Trust our experienced domesticl law attorneys to act in your best interests. We'll work discretely to find a solution, which could include...

  • Divorcing or separating from your abusive spouse
  • Obtaining a protective order
  • Protecting family and property

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The Rhodes Law Firm strives to understand your domestic abuse protection needs. During your consultation, we might ask questions that seem personal or uncomfortable, such as...

Are you concerned for your child's safety?
We can discuss legal ways to protect your family, as well as resources for domestic violence victims.
Do you need immediate protection?
We can file a temporary restraining order against your abuser.
What's the nature of the abuse?
Domestic abuse can be physical, emotional or sexual. Your abuser's actions affect how quickly you can file for divorce or obtain a protective order.

Know that our #1 priority is your family's safety and security. Contact The Rhodes Law Firm in New Orleans, LA today to discuss your domestic abuse protection options.