Plan Ahead With an Estate Lawyer in New Orleans, LA

Learn more about estate planning and succession law

No one knows what tomorrow will bring, so make sure you're prepared for the future. An estate lawyer from The Rhodes Law Firm LLC in New Orleans, Louisiana can help you make preparations for your medical care and assets in case anything happens to you. We'll also help you make arrangements for a deceased loved one's estate, if needed.

In addition to planning your estate, you can also consult with one of our succession law professionals to make arrangements for your business. This includes transferring ownership of your business and any related assets.

Speak to an estate lawyer today to learn more about succession law in New Orleans, Louisiana.

3 things you should talk to your estate lawyer about

When you sit down to plan your estate, make sure you cover all your bases. Don't forget to talk to your estate lawyer about:

  1. Wills and Trusts-these will help ensure that the right people inherit your estate and that your loved ones will be provided for.
  2. Business Succession-succession law helps you keep your family business in the family and settle any remaining debts.
  3. General Estate-speak to your lawyer about how you want to divide your assets.
Being prepared will give you and your family peace of mind about the future. Call The Rhodes Law Firm today at 504-444-3681 to get start planning your estate.